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The southern-most island of Tuscany, located 18km S-SW from Porto Ercole, along the southern coast of Monte Argentario, and 14km SE of the island of Giglio. Being the second-smallest island, with a surface area of 2.6 km2, Giannutri is half-moon shaped, the divine symbol of hunting that inspired ancient civilizations and who named the island first Artemisia and later Dianum. The length of the island from north to south is approximately 2.5km with the maximum width being just 500m. There are two small ports close to the island’s main creek: Cala Spalmatoio, on the eastern side of the island, facing south-east, protected from the western and northern winds; and Cala Maestra, on the opposite side, facing north-east. The island territory offers wild nature and rocks, characterized by cavernous limestone, ancient sedimentary rocks 200 million years old, made gentle by a green blanket of Mediterranean brush that covers the harsh, rocky hills. There are three major hills of modest altitude: to the north is Poggio del Cannone, 68m above sea level, in the centre Monte Mario is 78m and to the south Poggio del Capel Rosso is 88m above sea level.


Protected Areas

  • On land: 100% of the territory (zone 2).

  • At sea: in part (zone 1 and zone 2), excluding two access channels for boats. In zone 1 it is forbidden to access, to navigate, to stop, to anchor, to fish and to dive. In zone 2, fishing is regulated by the Park Authority.



Access on land: free access with the exception of the period 26th May to 12th October each year.
During this period, access on land is limited to the “corridor” for individuals and unorganized groups with a guide, as indicated in red on the map and which incorporates the main road connecting Cala Spalmatoio with Cala Maestra;
On the remaining part of the island, two protected areas have been identified to the north and to the south of the “corridor”. Visits to these zones can only be made with a guide and in groups numbering no more than 25 people, in two daily sessions, each with a maximum of 150 visitors, for a total of 300 visitors per day employees of the institutions and services, and children under the age of 10 are excluded from these rules, as well as certain cases that can from time to time be considered and authorized by this Authority.
An entrance ticket has been introduced for the protected areas of Giannutri at a cost of €3.00 per visitor. Residents (of the Tuscan archipelago), the handicapped and children under the age of 4 are exempt, as well as those who are visiting Giannutri on business or on behalf of the institutions.
In an experimental manner, protected areas can be accessed by residents of the island, property owners, renters and hotel guests on request of an appropriate numbered pass, issued by the Park.

Access: regulated in certain areas of land and sea. The island is almost exclusively private property and inhabited during the summer season. There are no public services or businesses outside of the summer season.
Connection: ferry services from Porto Santo Stefano and the Island of Giglio, or by pleasure craft.

 Motorized vessels are not allowed to dock on the island without necessary permission from the Park Authority with the exception of those of the institutions or those guaranteeing public services.

 It is forbidden, for the time being, to access the archaeological sites of the Villa Domizia in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of Marine Territory.


Whoever wishes to visit the protected area during the period running from 26th May to 12th October, needs to book and acquire an entrance ticket for the Protected Areas of Giannutri. This can be done by contacting, in advance, one of the guides listed in the Park guide, telephoning directly or requesting information from the Park Office on the island of Giglio: e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail is protected by spam bot and requires javascript. Fax: 0564 809099; or the APT of Monte Argentario at Porto Santo Stefano, Piazzale S. Andrea, close to the Giglio and Giannutri ferries. Tel: 0564 814208, Fax: 0564 814052., e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail is protected by spam bot and requires javascript. Pro loco of Giglio 0564 809400.


Ways of visiting the island of Giannutri