Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago Toscano
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The Park Authorities are the public administrators that manage the Italian National Parks. According to the Law governing the protected nature reserves,n. 394 del 6 dicembre 1991.the National Parks come under the section of non-economic public authorities as defined by Law nr.70 dated 20 March 1975. The Park Authority is governed by public law, has the legal and administrative offices located within the park territory and is subject to the surveillance of the Ministry of the Environment.
The bodies of the Authority are: The President, the Board of Directors, the Executive Council, Accountants, the Park Community (…). The Park Authority is legally represented by the President, who coordinates all activities, performs the functions delegated by the Board of Directors, and adopts urgent and necessary measures in accordance with the ratification of the Board of Directors.

linaria The Board of Directors is formed by the President and twelve components, named by a Decree of the Ministry of the Environment, after consulting the regions in question, and is chosen from those who are particularly qualified in matters of nature conservation or those who represent the Park Community (…). The Board of Directors makes decisions regarding all general matters and in particular the budget (…). The Park Director is named by the Minister of the Environment, following public competitive examination (…).


The Parks Calling Card: The largest marine park in Europe, located within the international sanctuary of marine mammals.

 Park Management: National Park Authority of the Tuscan Archipelago
 Temporary Office: Via Guerrazzi, 1 – 57037, Portoferraio (LI)
 Telephone: +39 0565 919411
Fax: +39 0565 919428
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Region: Tuscany
Provinces: Grosseto and Livorno
Towns: Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio, Rio Marina, Rio nell’Elba; Capraia Isola; Isola del Giglio; Livorno.


Mountain Authority: Comunità Montana dell’Elba e di Capraia
Established: 1996, expanded in 1997.
Surface area: 17,694 hectares of land and 61,474 of sea.
Altitude: 1018 m above sea level at Monte Capanne (Isola d’Elba).
Location: Located in the Tirrenhian Sea and composed of seven main islands (Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri e Gorgona) and several minor island.

Tourist Information:
Legislation: The National Park was identified by the D.M. Environment on 21.7.1989 and modified with D.M. Environment 29.8.1990. Selected in accordance with the Law governing the protected natural areas, nr.394 dated 6 December 1991, the Park was institutionalized with D.P.R 22.7.1996 and expanded with D.M. Environment 19.12.1997 to include the marine area of Pianosa.